We carry out Fire Alarm servicing to the current British Standards.


Fire Alarms that are not maintained to the standard, are no longer considered compliant.

The role of the 'responsible person' for fire safety includes, 

  • All persons who will have to use the system must be instructed in it's use.
  • If the building is altered in any way, the alteration may affect the Fire Alarm.
  • Liase with workers / contractors for adverse effects on the Fire Alarm.
  • Keep the Fire Log up to date, including false alarms.
  • Keep suitable spares.
  • To ensure the Fire Alarm is given routine inspection at stipulated intervals.

Daily, Inspect the Fire Alarm panel for normal operation, Any faults must be logged and remedial action implemented.

Weekly, Operate a trigger device, a different trigger should be used each week, each zone being tested at least quarterly.

Six monthly, (by competent person), check Batteries and connections, check sounders, check a detector and call point from each zone, check for changes of occupany, check all smoke detector and call points are accessable, complete details into fire log.

Annually, as six monthly, check ALL detectors and call points for correct operation and sensitivity, check all cables to confirm they are secure, not damaged, and are adequately protected.